Gravity Mineral Water Purifier Pot

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Magna Mineral 7 Stage 16 Ltr Gravity Water Purifier.FILTER CARTRIDGE- This is latest , most advance & efficient ever designed. It comes with multi stage cartridge which removes impurities such as bacteria , contaminants , heavy metal etc. and yet , its remain all good minerals and nutrient in water. The filter provides you with clean and clear water , without any unpleasant odour or taste. Patented with high technology .it blends 19 natural raw material into one product , at high pressure and temperature. CERAMIC FILTER- the ceramic filter is made from highly compressed ceramic diatomic substance, it has very tiny porous structures of 0.2 micron , less then half the sized of bacteria ( 0.5 micron – 1 micron ) . This Function is to filter all dirt , sand particles and bacteria and ensure that your water is free from any bacteria causing harmful disease such as typhoid , cholera & dysentery.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm



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